About Us

This site is run and maintained by me, Charles Wilson, with support from my wife Connie. My lifelong friend John Parke is also contributing to this site. There will also be articles from other authors.

A good strong marriage is a partnership of two confident people who understand each other.

Equality is not about men and women being the same. We are different emotionally, behaviorally, hormonally, and even our minds. Yes the wiring of our brains is different. Equality is about being respected, with equal rights, and both having a healthy self-confidence.

We will attempt to give an objective overview of the subjects we cover. But we do have opinions and a strong belief that we should strive towards truth and justice in our everyday social interactions.

Here follows a few points on how we think.

If two decent reasonable people have been in love and bonded, and then lost that “love,” then there is a very good chance of being able to reconcile.

But . . .

About psychopaths or people with personality disorders

While we focus on making up and saving relationships, there are some people who are best left and avoided. If you are in a relationship with an abusive individual, then you should break up and get out of the unhealthy toxic relationship. How many people are in his group? That is difficult to know, as we only have statistics from those people who have been diagnosed, so there is a large unknown figure here.

or example, Borderline Personality Disorder was in the past considered a predominantly female condition. But that is the suicidal and self-harming side of BPD. They wanted to be helped and we have statistics of them. Now we know there is another type of BPD, the hidden type, which is predominantly male, and, just like the narcissists and psychopath, they don’t think there is anything wrong with them. That is why they are extremely difficult to treat. They are called hidden because they are not diagnosed and we don’t know how many there are.

  • There are probably 10% to 15% of the population in Western cultures who have personality disorders.
  • Then we can add to that those who are sub clinical, having symptoms just below the diagnosable threshold, but are well up there on the scale.
  • Aggressive people who have difficulty controlling their violent reactions are another group to avoid.

Depending on the culture we live in, these groups can be 20% to 30% of the population. If you feel you love such an abusive person, listen to a woman who was attracted to such men and hear her story

Abusive people, who are often referred to as psychopaths or narcissists, tend to have a sixth sense to know how to get a manipulative grip on a partner. Some women go from abusive relationship to abusive relationship.

The feeling some women have of, “I seem to attract that type of man,” or, “I seem to be attracted to that type of man,” has quite a bit of truth to it. These abusers are attracted to certain women, and with their initial charm attract those woman.

The same can be said for men who meet abusive women. These women, be they psychopaths or having some personality disorder, sense a man that they can manipulate. Usually decent men.

About one third of women and 25% of men find themselves in an abusive relationship some time in their life. At least one in every 5 people we meet is someone to avoid at all costs.