Relationship Stage 1: Infatuation

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  1. Sgd says:

    We started with infatuation for sexual enjoyment/ fun only. But before we got a perfect chance to make out … we got into love where those sexual excitement are becoming just a petty matter. Don’t know what to say. We humans are really strange.

  2. Ajb says:

    Our 10 year old daughters were friends at school and set my (separated) wife and I up on a date at my wife’s house. It was cute they wanted to be sisters, and we hit it off really well. I followed her every where, (infatuation)? Unfortunately, my family saw something wrong right away with me. Wasn’t myself. I moved in right away, for convenience, I lived about an hour away and my daughter lived really close by. We got married 4months after we met. My wife wasn’t nice to my daughter after we got married and my mistake was staying with her for 1 day short of our 2 year wedding anniversary. There was more bad days then good. We still had lots of sex though.

  3. I’ve known this guys for 6 years I basically grew up with him .I have liked him since I met him .I thought he was cute but now after all the years we fight they we are back to normal .We aren’t dating but idk if I’m in love with him.My feelings after all these years hasn’t changed only gotten way stronger

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